Friday, August 31, 2012

Adhesive 101

A good adhesive is like a good stage crew—when it’s working well, you hardly notice it at all. But choosing a good adhesive can be difficult—even more difficult than finding a competent stage crew. Sarah Boddington, a Director from Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, once came face-to-face with this sticky problem. She was in a scrapbooking store when she overheard a woman ask a sales clerk about the numerous adhesive options available. The clerk implied that all adhesives were created equal and suggested several very different products. Luckily for this confused woman, Sarah was on the scene. After the clerk left, she quickly stepped in and pointed the shopper in the right direction, explaining the benefits of some of her favorite adhesives. But what makes one adhesive different from another?

Adhesives have been around for over 6,000 years—and some adhesive bonds have lasted that long! Prehistoric man used natural glues, like saps and plant resins, as adhesives to repair broken pottery. Adhesives have been used in everything from the construction of King Tut’s tomb to the watertight seals on Native American canoes. Some historical figures even owe their fame and success to the strength of adhesives; take, for example, Antonio Stradivari the famous violin maker, who developed a permanent adhesive to use as the laminate on his perfect violins. The formula for this incredible adhesive has been lost and can’t be recovered even with modern technology. Fortunately, adhesives have come a long way in the last 100 years. Today, adhesives are a multi-billion dollar industry with over 750 adhesive companies competing for your business—no wonder it is a confusing process to select a good adhesive! We are in the business of preserving memories, so of course we want our adhesive bonds to last as long as possible. But we want more than that! We want adhesives that are acid free, that will do their job without being seen, and that won’t cost us an arm and a leg!

Luckily, Close To My Heart has adhesives that will meet all of these criteria. Let’s take a look at seven of the adhesives offered by Close To My Heart, keeping in mind that all are acid free, affordable, and most dry clear. With such an incredible offering right at our fingertips, who needs Stradivaris’ lost formula?

Liquid Glass

Strengths: Extremely strong, permanent, clear, inexpensive, versatile—can be used as a glue, a glaze, or an accent, and it will stick to almost anything.

Considerations: Can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours to dry, depending on how much is used. Unique gloss effect can alter appearance of ink colors. Add tiny dots of Liquid Glass on a stamped leaf image to look like dew. Completely cover a black bat stamped image to look glossy & shiny. Great for attaching buttons, our chipboard Dimensional Elements…anything bulky or heavy to cards & layouts.

Tips: - Liquid Glass is often thought of as an “embellishment” because it makes things glossy & pretty. For me…I use it 90% of the time as an adhesive. There’s always a bottle sitting on my desk. When not using bottle… store on its side or upside down.

Bonding Memories® Glue

Strengths: This is my “go-to” glue Permanent or repositionable, easy to hold, inexpensive, lasts for a long time, comes out blue & dries clear! Dries quickly. Best for “paper to paper” applications. For example, when positioning your patterned papers on your base layout cardstock use Bonding Memories. Your paper can easily be “scooted” into place or lifted if you need to reposition. You might have a photo mat that you want to glue down on a page (that’s paper to paper). Bonding Memories is the glue. I love how the big nib top still can get into little places where glue needs to be added. I keep extras around just so I never run out.

Considerations: Use only a small amount and apply in “dots” not long lines.
Excess glue may cause papers to bubble.

Tips: To use glue the first time, remove cellophane. Place tip down on scratch paper. Gently pump tip depressing it lightly. Keep doing this and you’ll see the tip gradually turn blue. Store upright with clear cover snapped on tight.

3-D Foam Tape

Strengths: Strong hold, adds dimension to layouts & cards. Two sizes included in package- 3/8” & ¼” . Each roll is 75” long.

Considerations: Use scissor to cut exact size of tape that you need.

Tips: When adding My Stickease to a project “de-stick” the back of the image with baby powder. Then add 3-D Foam tape and attach.

Memory Book Glue Dots®

Strengths: Strong hold, thin, available in two different sizes, sticks to almost everything.

Considerations: Requires individual application. Whatever you want to add a Glue Dot to simply touch the item to the Glue Dot & pull away. Glue Dot will attach itself. So easy!

Tips: These work especially well with unique embellishments like metal accents or ribbon.
Storage tip- remove roll of Glue Dots from box. Tie a green ribbon around roll from green box to keep it from unrolling. Tie a blue ribbon around the Glue Dots from the blue box. As you need a dot simply slide the ribbon away from the next available dot & press item on exposed dot. You’ll never worry about your Glue Dots becoming tangled in your tackle box again.

Bonding Memories® Glue Pen

Strengths: Permanent or repositionable, easy to hold, inexpensive, lasts for a long time, dries quickly, easy to use in small areas.

Considerations: Works best in small amounts in small spaces.

Tips: Use the glue pen to secure corners of paper.

** see info above on Bonding Memories Glue. The Glue Pen is simply a scaled down version of the Bonding Memories Glue with a smaller chisel tip & smaller amount of glue.

Tombow® Mono® Adhesive

Strengths: Quick and easy to apply, no drying time, permanent, easy to refill.

Considerations: May be best used for small applications. Press firmly to avoid breaks in adhesive strip.

Tips: Tombow is my “go to adhesive” for attaching photos to layouts. I apply a 1”-2” length of adhesive to each corner of the back of the photo, position on layout & press firmly.

“Liquid Glass would be my desert island choice if I could only take one adhesive.”
—Faith Richardson, Manager, Yakima,Washington

“With a variety of sizes and thicknesses, Glue Dots® are my first choice every time; I have been using them for years for that exact assurance.”—Pam Klassen, Director, Chilliwack, British Columbia

“I grab the glue pen when I have corners to adhere that my Tombow is too thick to get to, or if I’m using glitter and need it for outlining a stamped
image.” —Janene Wawro,Director, Denton, Texas

“3-D Foam Tape is especially helpful when you want to draw attention to
any kind of focal point on a card or a scrapbook page.”—Anna Palmer, Director, Springville, Utah

original article appeared in Keynotes November/December 2008 Issue
edited & updated by Sue Laufer/Director Kailua HI  August 2010

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monthly Creative Club

Monthly (no-commitment) Creative Club 

Do you like to make fun projects at a great price or for FREE? Do you like to learn new techniques? Do you like to earn free products? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, my monthly Creative Club is for you!

My Creative Club meets the third Saturday of the month at noon at my house, however, you do not need to be local to be part of the club. My long distance members get any orders they place, get drop shipped to them directly from the Close To My Heart office. (Sometimes they even get their orders before the local gals!)  International customers, please contact me for your specifics.

Here is more information on the Club: 

You may join the club at any time and there is no commitment to stay in the club for any length of time or to place an order.  Each person who signs up for this club will have their name added to the bottom of the hostess list. The person whose name is on the top of the list will get the hostess rewards that month. In order for your name to keep its “place” on the list, you must place a $25 minimum order whether you attend the class that month or not. If you do not place a $25+ order that month, then your name goes down to the bottom of the list. If you do place a $25+ order, then your name continues to move up the list. 

Club members will also receive: 

A free current Idea Book/Catalog
Free Hostess Rewards during your hosting month
Optional opportunity to hold a home workshop, gathering, or catalog party to boost your hostess benefits
$5 discounts on all workshops while you are a member
Lots of other freebies and surprises...

Email me for more information or to sign up.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Excitement at CTMH Warehouse!

Congratulations to Noreen Petty who won the recent Recruit For Loot contest that all consultants were able to participate in. Noreen recruited the most consultants during the contest period. The winner was announced at the Convention. For recruiting the most consultants, Noreen won the opportunity to grab as much Close To My Heart product as she could in a 3 minute period. Watch the excitement as she grabbed over $4,000 worth of product. 

How exciting was that??  Wouldn't you just love to be a part of a company that offers prizes such as this, as well as incentive trips to exotic locations such as Hawaii, spa weekends, the opportunity to win a crop with executives of the Company?   Just log onto my website to sign up.  You will have almost immediate access to the Consultant Website so you can get started right away.

Don't forget, if you sign up during the month of August, you will receive a beautiful monogrammed backpack (with a retail value of $50) that is perfect to bring your projects to crops or take with you when you are out and about for a conversation starter.  (While supplies last.)

Contact me for more information.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Haunted Halloween

I was working on some projects yesterday during my gathering and came up with these 3 layouts using Tresa Black's 10 page layouts using 1 paperpack. I'm still working on it but here are page 1 (a single page layout.

And here are pages 2 a 3 (double page layout).

I absolutely love this paper.  Not only is it great for Halloween, it is perfectly suited to those upcoming fall photos.  I love the muted colors - Smokey Plum, Cashmere, Autumn Terracotta.

The products I've used so far are:

      Moonlight Paper Pack X7161B  $9.95
      Moonlight Complements Dimensional Elements X7161C $4.95
      Haunted Assortment Z1741 $4.95
      Posh Journaling Spots Z1755 $5.95

I plan to put a small photo on one of the journaling spots.  You can use these with page protectors by making a slit where you can pull the hidden journaling or photo out.

Contact me for more information.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Becoming A Part of Close To My Heart is Now More Affordable Than Ever!

With the launch of the Autumn/Winter Idea Book, Close To My Heart has made becoming an independent consultant more affordable than ever.  With 2 different consultant kits to choose from, you decide which is within your budget yet you enjoy all of the same benefits whichever one you choose. 
The first option is the Essentials kit for $49.  That's right - only $49.  You will receive approximately $130 worth of business essentials and products to jump start your business. 

As you can see, it is chock full of products that enables you to share your talent with your new customers.

The second option is the Master kit for $99.  This kit contains everything you receive in the Essentials kit and more.  You receive more Autumn/Winter Idea books as well as additional business essentials and creative product.  This kit has a retail value of $280!

When you a member of my team,  Make It From The Heart With Close To My Heart, you become part of a team that includes almost 200 consultants who are part of a larger team named Coastal Stars.  Coastal Stars is the #24 team in Close To My Heart with 2011 sales of over $500,000.  Imagine be a part of a group of amazingly talented ladies who are recognized continuously throughout Close To My Heart for their achievements both individually and as a team.

 Contact me for further details or if you are ready to join my team, visit my website to complete your registration.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Would You Like A FREE Cricut Artiste Cartridge Bundle

That's right.  You could win the new Cricut Artiste Bundle absolutely FREE!  How, you ask?  Well, if you are a new customer and you book either a home gathering or an online book gathering between August 1 and November 30, your name will go into a pot of other names who have held gatherings and 1 winner will be drawn on November 30.  Even if you are not the winner, you can still get an incredible deal on the bundle.  Just hold your gathering and with sales of at least $250, you can get your cartridge at half price!

Existing customers, don't think you are being left out of this chance.  Just refer a new customer who holds either a home gathering or an online book gathering between August 1 and November 30 and your name will will go into the pot right along side of theirs!  The more referrals, the more chances to win.

To be eligible for the drawing, the gathering must be held between August 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012.  Contact me to book your gathering today!